Hidden Faces


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Don’t hide your face behind a facade, because you are unique and wonderful.

Don’t hide your true self behind a mask.
Everyone is unique and has something special within them that is worth showing.

It is important that you accept yourself and appreciate your individuality.
By showcasing your uniqueness, you enable others to recognise the true wonder of your personality.

Never forget that authenticity is a strength that fosters deep connections and genuine understanding.
Show yourself as you are, because you are wonderful.

Discover this work of art that supports you in showing the real you!

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Product description

Experience our artworks in brilliant gallery quality, enhanced by ultraHD on aluminium dibond and protected by a secure UV protective seal.

The Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima photo paper, specially developed for this application, makes the colours of our works appear vivid and intense, while the UV protective film offers lasting protection against the effects of light.

The matt surface of ultraHD prints minimises reflections and preserves the authenticity of each artwork. This combination of high-quality materials and advanced technology guarantees that the luminosity and brilliance of the colours are retained.

Aluminium Dibond serves as the image carrier and, together with the durable UV protection film, offers a timeless design that harmonises durability and aesthetics.

To further emphasise the elegance and value of our artworks, they are mounted in a wooden frame with real wood veneer. These frames are meticulously handcrafted and add an extra layer of sophistication and naturalness to the ultraHD prints on aluminium dibond.


75×50 cm, 90×60 cm, 120×80 cm


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