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Horus. The eye. 

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Horus. The eye. 

Deep insights into the cosmic context. Trust your knowledge of life. As an artist, I have been capturing unique moments for years so that these soul messages can be carried on. You help people in their transformation process.

Obstacles and unhelpful beliefs / patterns may be lovingly transformed and dissolved.

Let your thoughts move like clouds over the obstacles in your life.
Be proud and fulfilled of what you have already solved. It's about you and how your life is changing. It's about the exponential ripple effect of the positive effect. ⠀

The water rings go on in a positive and subtle way. It is a unique representation of light, water and movement. Everything works. Everything is expanding.

Take your royal and spiritual place.

This image of the soul heals the karmic entanglements in the past and in past lives.
It sets you free. Self-determination and lightness show in the mirror of the water.

The pictures that the artist Petra B. Römhildt photographs are unique reflections of the moment.

This picture is limited to 1013 pieces.
The colour representation may differ slightly from the original depending on the setting of your screen.