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The gateway to the other world. The Magic Mirror.

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The gateway to the other world. The Magic Mirror.

As below so above. As in the small so in the large. Use the polarities for your personal advancement. By straightening up, you set new impulses in the field of possibilities.

Be unique and authentic. Go your way like a tiger, relaxed and fearless.
Awaken your inner strength and wisdom, and make your innermost a place of strength and inspiration.

The image connects you to the golden path: for spirituality and wealth. It leads you to your roots and your creativity.

Clairvoyance is a natural talent that is activated and strengthened with this motif.

The picture was taken at the right time (Kairos), the light creates a golden, networked reflection in the sacred lake.
Trust the power of life because it flows and is inexhaustible.

The message set your independent accents that are carried further.

This picture is limited to 1777 pieces.

The colour representation may differ slightly from the original depending on the setting of your screen.