Ayahuasca plant symbols


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Ayahuasca plant symbols
Ayahuasca transformation cards
Shamanic card set with 40 cards
For more freedom and ease in life
The booklet with explanations of the original plant symbols is inclusive and included with the cards!

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Ayahuasca plant symbols

For more freedom and ease in life

History of the ayahuasca plant symbols by Carmen Laempe

One evening in May 2013, the shamanic healer and artist Carmen Laempe received the message of the flora in colored forms and symbols.

She later learned that her husband Gerardo Laempe, “Business Shaman”, was holding a healing ceremony with the Peruvian master shaman Don Augustin at the same time, in a different location, and had seen similar forms.

The message of the Ayahuasca-Deva was painterly captured in 50 plant symbols.

Now is the time to pass this treasure on to mankind. 40 selected plant symbols have been created as a card set for daily use.

  • A small 52-page book with explanations and meanings of the individual symbols, exercises and affirmations complete the card set.

  • Together they are a source of inspiration for every day. These shamanic plant symbols are wonderful and helpful companions for strengthening goals, intentions and heart desires.

  • "Transformation cards provide the energetic resources for all areas of life and topics".

  • The original plant symbol cards contribute to a rapid transformation of obstructions and blockages.

The assignments of the cards themselves are particularly interesting, as they bring the user even greater benefit when using the plant symbols.

The core message is that the plant world, with its unlimited database of knowledge, wants to help us now exit the artificial matrix.

The time has come for the plant beings to reunite with humans.

To make this union possible, you can integrate these plant symbol cards into your body-mind-soul system with the help of a 2-point matrix and thus free yourself from the hypnosis of everyday life.

Be F R E E now!