The Artist Petra B. Römhildt

I'm Petra B. Römhildt, born in Berlin.
Since the year 2000, I live with my family in Sweden.
I photograph for many years with passion and dedication.
Inspired by nature, I can be creative and

capture magical moments with my camera.
My artworks are created exclusively in nature.
Soul pictures that inspire and

convey valuable messages to the viewer.
Touched by nature in the north of Sweden,
I photograph unique moments in order to bring
nature closer to the people.
The special light in the north creates photographic moments
and works of art that touch.
In all the years that I'm photographing, I've specialized
in using the elements of nature to create powerful
and expressive works of art.
The soul images activate the origin in you.
With the extraordinary shots I touch people
in a very special way.

Soul pictures from nature that touch the soul.
True works of art emerge from the cosmic interplay of object,
light and colours.
The natural beauty and the moment of the present being
is all I need for my work with the camera
so it is not necessary to edit the shots.
It is the present moment when the soul is visibly touched.
Transform old and accept new, experience the infinity of change,
dissolution and liberation.

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for more magical soul pictures that will assist you
in reconnecting with yourself.

Feel free to contact me for free, so that we can find
the right artwork or a suitable combination of soul pictures

for your transformation process together.

With love/