What is an energy picture?

An energy image has a very high vibration.

It instantly and noticeably changes the energy in your home, in your workspaces and in your surroundings.

With its wonderful energy it not only lifts the vibration in your rooms but it also touches your heart in a special way.

The power and energies of my works of art are shaped by the direct interaction of the elements of nature.

They arise in a very special process, in certain places, at certain times,

so that the unique moments with all their wholesome, present and transforming energies are captured in the picture and preserved for eternity.

These magnificent recordings contain a lot of valuable information and messages, and let you participate in the magic of the moment.

The moment you hang up these magical energy images in your room, you create an oasis of love, joy, regeneration, balance and security.

The reason to appropriate a work of art or to put a picture on your wall is different for everyone.

With a soul picture you are doing something good for your soul.
With an energy picture you change the vibration in your rooms positively.
If you own a creative creation that you have fallen in love with, you will enjoy yourself every day.

There is something for everyone in my shop.