What is a soul image?


Every soul image is a diamond, distinctive and unique, just like you.
It will become your personal guide in your transformation process.


Soul images are recorded in special, unique moments and contain important messages and healing information.

They are unique just like you are unique.

With their magic they support you in a very special way on your life path.

They support the change within you, if you allow it and are ready for it.


A soul image instantly changes the energy in your room and let it shine.

It opens your potential and is like a key to your transformation process.


The more you immerse yourself in a soul image, the more clearly you will feel the fascinating energy that emanates from it.


A soul image gives your soul exactly what it needs at the right time.
The energy and strength of a soul image create wonderful changes in your life and in your environment.


The reason to appropriate a work of art or to put a picture on your wall is different for everyone.

With a soul picture you are doing something good for your soul.
With an energy picture you change the vibration in your rooms positively.
If you own a creative creation that you have fallen in love with, you will enjoy yourself every day.

There is something for everyone in my shop.